Chief Justice Ivor Archie issues a statement saying he will not proceed on his proposed sabbatical leave, but has instead indicated his intention to take vacation leave.

He says he has 35 weeks accumulated leave unutilized.

In a media statement, released Wednesday afternoon by the Judiciary, Mr. Archie said since the middle of 2017 he has engaged with the US Federal Judical Center on the issue of his study and in November last year he committed to this undertaking.

Meanwhile Senior Council Israel Khan is today accusing the Chief Justice of deceiving the President.

He says the CJ has handled several issues that came before the President badly.

Speaking on CNC3 this morning he revealed that the CJ on more than one occasion misrepresented facts purposely.

He also commented on whether or not he felt Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley in reviewing the situation would enact Section 137.

Under Section 137 (3), Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has the power to communicate to President Anthony Carmona about investigating whether a judge should be removed from office.

This section concerns the Chief Justice or members of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission.

Should the President agree, he could establish a tribunal to investigate the matter.