CNC3 NEWS Senior News Reporter and News Anchor Khamal Georges was this morning robbed by armed criminals. He was relieved of his SUV and other valuables. 

The young media practitioner relayed the ordeal, explaining that the men had apparently been waiting for him to arrive at his house.


“It’s about 4:30AM. About two and a half hours ago I was robbed at gun point outside my apartment.  up to my vehicle, empowered by their pistol, and said “don’t make a scene.” They must have known my neighbours wake at odd hours so they tried to make it as clean as possible. They took my phone, cash and my vehicle (ash grey KIA Sportage PDA8386). I asked for two things. That they left me with my IDs and my apartment keys. The first they did, when I insisted on the second, they readied the weapon and aimed. At my chest. I’ve never had a gun pointed at me. It’s disorienting.

A million thoughts run through your mind. I’ve reported on countless robberies gone wrong. Innocent people killed and no reason to offer. And here I was. I looked at his face and I had no reason to doubt that he was going to shoot. All I could do was put my hands up. Luckily, they jumped in the vehicle that I worked bloody hard to buy and I watched as they sped off. What can you do but be thankful? I am thankful. Because in a place where life seems to have so little value, I am alive by the Grace of the Almighty. Shaken, yes, but unhurt.

Full credit to the officers of the St. James Police Station. Charles, Fraser, King and especially WPC Gibbs. I appreciate all your efforts.
Gyasi Merrique Caston Cupid thanks guys.”