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Commission enforces Integrity in Public Life Act.

The Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago wishes to remind persons in public life who have not yet complied with the legislation as required by Sections 11 (1) and 14 (1) of the Integrity in Public Life Act Chapter 22:01, that they are to do so immediately.

The Integrity in Public Life Act Section 11 (6) states that where persons fail to file a declaration or a statement of registrable interests under section 14, the Commission shall publish such fact in the Official Gazette and at least one daily newspaper.

Persons who have failed to file Declarations of Income, Assets and Liabilities and Statements  of Registrable Interest for periods up to 2015 are being informed that their names have been reproduced in the Official Trinidad and Tobago  Gazette which published by the Government Printery.

This follows the initial publication of over fourteen hundred (1400) names in the Trinidad Express, the Trinidad Guardian and the Newsday newspapers on May 24th, 25th, and 27th, 2016.

Under Sections11 (7) and (8), the Commission may at any time after the publication make an exparte application to the High Court for an order directing such persons to comply with the Act. The Court may in addition to making such order, impose such conditions as it thinks fit.

In this event persons may be liable on conviction to a fine of $150 000.