No comment on the calls for a State of Emergency, a recommendation that police officers work on contract and the ease with which criminals get bail.

These are some of the topics touched on by Police Commissioner Gary Griffith on Thursday morning at a wide-ranging media briefing held at the Police Administration Building, Port of Spain.

Commissioner Griffith implemented a red alert in the police service on Wednesday, leading to an increase in police exercises and the number of officers on patrol in the country.

This was due to a recent spike in homicides and violence particularly in the Sea Lots area.

The increase in police exercises has so far seen several persons arrested with others held for questioning in connection with suspected gang activity.

Many have questioned however if the exercise will come to nought with no one facing any serious jail time or any real dent made in the fight against gangs.

While being cautious not to attack the judicial system, Commissioner Griffith lamented that the hard work done by police officers can sometimes be negated when accused persons go to court.