Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is urging persons who are aware of people smuggling to do their part to arrest the influx of illegal immigrants into this country.

Commissioner Griffith appealed to citizens to do their part to stop this, and other illegal acts, from taking place.

National Security Minister, Stuart Young has since said that more resources would be dedicated to border protection.

He also revealed his intentions to take certain initiatives to Cabinet for Approval.

Meanwhile, Local Government Councillor for Cedros, Shankar Teelucksingh says the ease with which the illegal immigrants were able to enter the country is evidence of how easy it is to smuggle anything into Trinidad.

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday, Councillor Teelucksingh said incidents of this nature are a regular occurrence.

He explained that it is a problem facing the entire South West Peninsula.

He estimated that sixty to seventy thousand persons enter this country through illegal ports of entry on an annual basis.