Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith says contrary to belief he is doing his best to ensure that officers are less likely to engage in a shootout with criminals.

There has been some issue surrounding his one shot one kill policy, with critics claiming that it encourages officers to break the law.

However, speaking on the Power Breakfast Show, on Power 102.1 FM, Commissioner Griffith said he actually expects a decrease in the number of police shootings.

His comments come as the head of the Police Complaints Authority confirmed that there has been no increase in police shootings under his tenure.

Commissioner Griffith continued his sustained attack on crime with a weekend long police exercise which resulted in the arrest of some 138 persons.

Over one thousand officers took part in the first Op­er­a­tion Strike Back exercise for 2019 which began at 6am on Friday.

In the process 22 drug blocks were searched and 8 guns, a va­ri­ety of am­mu­ni­tion, and quan­ti­ties of drugs were seized.

Police said 13 prohibited immigrants were also detained.

The operational took place in all nine policing divisions across the country.