Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith is today saying that under his tenure there has been a 10% reduction in homicides.

Speaking with News Power Now, Mr Griffith declined to comment on the almost 150 murders that have occurred since he took up the position as Commissioner of Police.

Commissioner Griffith has generally been quite vocal on his crime fighting initiatives and has issued warnings to those who run afoul of the law to beware.

However speaking with our newsroom on Wednesday, he refused to comment directly on the murder toll under his leadership thus far, saying that he refused to look at numbers.

He stated that he did not look at a person being killed as a statistic.

Mr Griffith’s refusal to look at the numbers is a position being echoed by the President of the Police Social and Welfare Association.

Acting Asp Michael Seales says the number of murders this year was always projected to cross 500 and Commissioner Griffith’s appointment would have come too late in the year for a real difference to be made.

He insists that the number of murders next year will be a better indicator as to the progress made by Commissioner Griffith.

He added that furthermore, the Commissioner progress should be looked at with more than just the murder rate in mind.