The Police Complaints Authority is commending the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service on their investigation into the kidnapping for ransom of Natalie Pollonais and the subsequent arrest of members of the TTPS.

In a media release the PCA noted with grave concern that once again the actions of a few “rogue” officers have tarnished the reputation of the TTPS and have further eroded the public’s trust and confidence in the service.

It maintained, however, that there can be no doubt discipline must be at the forefront of the Police Service’s agenda.

The PCA pointed out that it stands firm in its belief that a more proactive approach needs to be taken to instill discipline in the membership of the TTPS.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning, PCA Head David West revealed that this can be achieved by having regular tribunal meetings.

He also explained that members of the public have options if they believe that they have a legitimate complaint against a member of the TTPS.

He said that once this is done it is then handed over to the legal department to ensure that legally a prima facie case can be proved against the officer.

Once that happens it then goes to the PCA to decide whether or not to hand it over to the Commissioner of Police or the Director of Public Prosecutions as a recommendation for action.

When asked by our newsroom how the PCA responds if it suspects corruption or rogue officers in the service he said that the Authority is guided by the Police Complaints Authority Act #8, Chapter 15:05 of 2016.