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Congress of the People Elects New Leader.

Congress of the People Elects New Leader.

Anirudh Mahabir

Anirudh Mahabir

Political party the Congress of the People is now under new leadership.

Anirudh Mahabir has been elected leader of the COP following an election held by the party, to fill the post of political leader, over the past weekend.

Mahabir, who has been acting in the position since the resignation of St Augustine Member for Parliament, Prakash Ramadhar earlier this year, was nominate and elected unopposed.

He would serve as the interim leader until another election is held in 2017 at which point the position will be up for grabs once again, this time for the period 2017-2020.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show this morning Mahabir stated that despite its challenges in the past, the COP is still relevant. He assures that the faith of members and the public will be renewed under his leadership.

He also commented on how he intended to take to party forward.