NEWS GRAPHIC 15Construtora OAS and the Union representing the protesting workers reached an agreement today, and the Union is making final arrangements for the resumption of work on the construction of the highway to Point Fortin.

Rodrigo Ventura, OAS country superintendent, is dismissing claims that the company is seeking to discontinue the project.

In a release issued recently, Ventura stated that OAS had no intention of pulling out of Trinidad and Tobago and denied all rumors that suggested that OAS would discontinue building the highway.

He said that OAS remained committed to completing all of the project’s construction works.

Ventura revealed that there was a contract between OAS and NIDCO and articulated that OAS intended to comply with all the contract’s provisions.

He said that 90 percent of the 1500 employees were local and around 600 pieces of equipment were being utilized on the project.

He said as work progressed they intended to hire more local contractors as they pushed to complete the construction of the highway.