Contractor, Steve Alvarez, is voicing concern with a request made to contractors who are owed money for work done for the Educational Facilities Company Limited.

Contractors, at a meeting on Tuesday with Government representatives, were asked to resubmit their claims with a payment plan.

In a media release the Planning and Development Ministry said while EFCL will pay, it cannot pay the entire outstanding sum all at one time, and as such, it will be proposing a payment plan.

It noted that EFCL will have no choice but to request a discount on the sum due adding that this quite simply is the only way that EFCL will be able to settle all of the claims.

However, in a News Power Now interview this afternoon, Mr Alvarez highlighted challenges with the suggestions put forward by the state to the contractors.

Mr. Alvarez also suggested a formula that the state can use in treating with this issue, adding that there is need to ensure the process is fair and transparent.