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COP Activists Call for Prakash Ramadhar’s Resignation

COP Activists Call for Prakash Ramadhar’s Resignation

A group of Congress of the People (COP) activists is demanding the immediate resignation of the party’s leadership and the entire national executive following its resounding defeat in Monday’s local government elections.

Rudolph Hanamji, COP North West Regional Representative, told News Power Now that the activists held a meeting on Wednesday at Flagship House, Tragarete Road, Port of Spain following which it dispatched a letter to the COP secretariat at the party’s Operations Centre, Charlieville, where they called for the resignation.

The COP had contested and lost five regional corporations at the elections, four of which were controlled by the People’s Partnership following the 2010 polls.

The party captured just two seats, both in the Tunapuna/ Piarco Regional Corporation. It had won 25 seats across several corporations in 2010. Mr. Hanamji said that members intend to also bring a motion to press for the resignation of COP Leader Prakash Ramadhar and the executive.

He said the Leader and Executive had ample opportunity to take the party and country forward, but failed.