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COP “battle of the brothers”….

Prakash and Brother

Kishore and Prakash Ramadhar playing chess during happier times

Kishore Ramadhar, the brother of Congress of the People (COP) leader Prakash Ramadhar has renewed his call on the COP leader to resign and for the party to remove itself from the People’s Partnership.

Kishore Ramadhar, the COP’s secretary for education and research, laid blame on his brother for the COP’s defeat at the local government elections and for destroying the party and everything it stood for in terms of principles.

Yesterday, Kishore gave the media a copy of a motion which calls on Ramadhar and the entire COP executive to resign within seven days, having accepted full responsibility for the COP’s failure at the election.

The motion calls for an interim management committee to be established to manage the party until fresh COP internal elections take place.

This is the second time Kishore Ramadhar has moved a motion for his brother’s removal.

He did so in July this year but it was defeated.