Congress of the People,  Prakash Ramadhar

Congress of the People, Prakash Ramadhar

Leader of the congress of the People Prakash Ramadhar has claimed that the Property Tax will be misused by the ruling Administration People’s National Movement.
The COP Leader said that the PNM’s Mega Projects would be the beneficiary of the funds from the Property Tax.
He made the comments at a media briefing after the Party’s first National Council for 2016 at its Charlieville Operations Office.

In the meeting members reportedly raised the issue of the re-introduction of the Property Tax.

The COP Political Leader said a Handbook on Property Tax prepared by the COP would be circulated to the media and made available to the public.

He also revealed that the Party was willing to work with the Government to find solutions to the tax burden on home owners.

Leader of the Congress of the People,  Prakash Ramadhar