Fresh legal action aimed at stopping the scheduled elections for a new political leader of the Congress of the People was scheduled to be heard in a court in San Fernando this afternoon.

This is the second time in recent weeks such action has been filed, frustrating the efforts at selecting a new political leader of the party.

The action has again been filed by Kirk Francis, who is again challenging the candidacy of Nicole Dyer-Griffith, as well as her eligibility as a party member.

And in these circumstances, both the party’s out-going political leader and its General Secretary have tendered their resignations, with immediate effect.

Both Dr Mahabir and Mr Weatherhead issued a joint statement earlier today, saying they have both exhausted all resources in their efforts to find a resolution in this matter, and for the conduct of the elections to take place on schedule.

The action also seeks to debar 34 other members of the party from holding membership, or being involved in any party activity.

News Power Now spoke earlier today CoP founding member of the Congress of the People, Satu Ramcharan who said she was not the least bit surprised by the resignation of both members.

Ramcharan said the COP has become clouded by corruption and named Mrs Dyer-Griffith as one of the contributors to the state of the party.

Ms. Ramcharan went on to add that the COP has never followed the guidelines of their constitution and adds that she is pleased with the current resignation of both the Political Leader and the General Secretary.