Even after the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago expressed his government’s commitment to treating the ailments faced by residents of Laventille and other “at risk” communities, there remained many on social media who criticised his latest effort.

A committee, set up and inclusive of the likes of Hans DesVignes- a radio and television host and producer, along with well known music influencer, DJ Jillionaire of Major Lazer, along with Arts and Culture Minister, Nyan Gadsby Dolly and head of the committee, Anthony Watkins and others have been tasked with finding the solutions to the myriad of social problems that plague committees like East Port-of-Spain and environs.

On Wednesday, Laventille resident and radio personality, David Samuel best known as, Heavy Duty spoke on Power 102FM with personality, Adrian Hackshaw. Their exchange focused on betterment for the community that is often coined, ‘depressed or at risk.’ Samuel outlined a plan called the Laventille Transformation Initiative, that he has engineered single handedly, with hopes that it could reach the right people and truly initiate change for the community of which he himself is a part.

Here’s a bit of that exchange on Power 102FM :