Former Minister of Health Dr. Fuad Khan is today expressing concern that the present administration is not looking into the issue of bogus pharmaceuticals in Trinidad and Tobago.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning the Barataria/San Juan MP revealed that based on the utterances that he has heard, he is not certain that the Health Minister has decided that there are counterfeit drugs so he is wondering if they will do anything to deal with the problem.

However he said that he did not want to knock the present administration too much since it is not an easy problem to solve since the problem also existed when he was Minister of Health.

He said that the problem stems with the Food and Drug Administration.

He said that if CARIRI is making such a claim they must be taken seriously since they are testing agents.

He also disclosed that there is a difference between counterfeit drugs and unregistered drugs.

Recently, at a news conference CARIRI raised red flags that there has been an existing problem with counterfeit drugs that has now gotten progressively worse.

It was revealed that the counterfeit drugs are getting harder to identify.