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Couva North MP is convinced that the government is failing at fighting crime in T&T.

Couva North MP is convinced that the government is failing at fighting crime in T&T.

Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial

Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial

Following Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams’ announcement of a heightened police presence across the country on the heels of five weekend murders, Couva North MP Ramona Ramdial condemned what she claims is deafening silence from government.

In a statement, Ms. Ramdial said the country seems to have a vacationing Prime Minister and three Ministers of National Security as there has been deafening silence from government on the unprecedented rates of shootings and murders.

She said she is convinced that government is continuously failing at fighting crime in Trinidad and Tobago as the murder rate has climbed to 262 for the year thus far. She added that there is also a disturbing trend of the non-reporting of crimes by victims. She says this comes as citizens have lost all faith in the Ministry of national Security and the police in getting a handle on the country’s crime situation.

Ramdial vowed to continue to make the call for joint police-army patrols in every crime hotspot in Trinidad & Tobago, for the full use of the 12 offshore patrol boats bought under the previous administration, to monitor our maritime borders and to continue to carry out raids, road blocks, etc. based on reliable intelligence from the Strategic Services Agency.



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    The mighty Trinifeak 2 years

    Of course Ramona is right. This governemt has no vision how to fight crime.The solution is to reorganize the security service of T&T. Instead of having the regiment, which is a nuisanse for the taxpayer of T&T have a national police service whose task is also to supervise the work of the local police. Furthermore the coast guard service must be part of the police.Mr. Baptiste and Mr. Williams are by no means suitable to be in charge of security. A security genius like former minister Captain Griffith is needed to organize security in T&T.Dr. Keith knows how to get along with women and he knows how to get consent from females in order to perform his sexual duties. However, national security is far above the understanding of Dr. Keith Rowley who ,know the way from Mason Hall to Diego Martin, but not the way to make T&T a safer country.