MedNews-Banner 956x256The last wish of a La Brea man who lost his life after he sustained fatal injuries in a collision with a truck was that his wife be taken to safety.

Krishna Soodeen and his wife, Jesse, were critically injured on Monday after the 24-seater maxi taxi in which they were travelling collided head-on with a truck transporting chemicals in Guapo. The last words uttered by Soodeen were that emergency services were taking too long to arrive.
He died as rescue teams were trying to free his crushed legs which were pinned by the maxi taxi’s engine.

According to police reports, Soodeen, 68, of Southern Main Road, Vessigny was transporting ten passengers to San Fernando around 3.20 pm. While travelling along the “KTO stretch,” near the Guapo Police Station, a vehicle overtook the maxi, forcing an oncoming truck to take evasive action. This resulted in a collision between the maxi and the truck. Soodeen suffered injuries to his head.

His wife suffered a broken hip, fractured ribs and head injuries. She, along with two other passengers, was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where she was warded in a stable condition but sedated.

Police said they took statements from the truck driver and the other driver involved in the accident and intended to interview other witnesses.