Criminologist, Randy Seepersad

Criminologist, Randy Seepersad

The Attorney General, Farris Al Rawi will take an amended version of the Cyber Bullying Act, to the cabinet tomorrow. The bill’s aim is to deal with reckless internet users who continue to share unverified information.

The announcement yesterday of the amended bill being taken to cabinet, comes even as the police Commissioner said such unverified social media posts that are shared, in the face of a spiraling murder rate in this country, is creating a logistical nightmare for the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

This morning, in an interview with News Power Now, Criminologist, Randy Seepersad said the amended Cyber bullying bill is really an indirect link to the fight against crime.

Faris Al Rawi

Attorney General, Farris Al Rawi

He explained that the person or people who commit such acts, cannot be characterized by any particulars.

The Attorney General yesterday said there has been extensive consultations with the Media Association of T&T, Publishers Association, T&T Publishers and Broadcasters Association (TTPBA) and other entities on the matter.