This country’s Arts and Culture Minister is today challenging the statement made by Former Health Minister, Dr. Fuad Khan, saying that music should not be blamed for criminal behaviour in Trinidad and Tobago. Speaking on the Power Breakfast show on Power 102FM on Friday Morning, Minister Gadsby Dolly said there is a bigger, underlying problem related to the kind of citizens that our country is producing.

The Minister pointed out that while schools, both primary and secondary are available to citizens across the country, there is much to be said about the type of human beings that are our society is producing.

Last week, the MP for Barataria and former Health Minister, Dr. Fuad Khan, blamed soca music, and subsequently, dancehall and chutney music, for the violence being perpetrated in T&T’s society. He called on artistes to grow up and stop degrading women. Earlier, he had stated that Soca music influences acts of domestic violence.