Criminologist, Renee Cummings says yesterday’s arrest of talk show host, Ian Alleyne, would only serve to boost ratings of his television show.

Ms. Cummings was speaking on the matter during an interview today.

She said the manner in which the arrest was carries out coupled with the

fact that it was broadcast on national television would negatively affect

public confidence in the police service.

Mr. Alleyne was arrested just after 8 O’Clock last evening on the CCN

compound in full view of crowds of Mr. Alleyne’s supporters and media


Insisting that the matter could have been handled better by the police

officers who went to the CCN compound last evening Ms Cummings said the

police could have also requested an interview with TV6 officials as well as

Mr. Alleyne.

She said this issue would only serve to turn Ian Alleyne into a bigger hero in

the eyes of his supporters.