Whether you’re playing in a band or trying to link up on the road, finding your team this Carnival Monday and Tuesday is just a few taps away. For its third consecutive year the carnival mobile app D’ Junction will make it easy to navigate and locate various mas bands wherever they may be on the road. However, this year the coverage promises to surpass previous years with bmobile jumping on board as the app’s major sponsor over the Carnival 2018 season.

Ria Karim is the brainchild of the app.

According to the app’s developer and creator Ria Karim, bmobile’s wireless technology is powering the app for Carnival 2018 and will amplify D’ Junction’s accessibility and enable the innovative and highly interactive mobile application. bmobile’s technology will support the real-time GPS location data being fed to the app; the company has also equipped the D’ Junction team with physical devices that will ensure a smooth run throughout the season. Karim says D’ Junction is pleased that bmobile, one of the country’s largest communications providers recognises the important role technology plays in everyday life and how it can also improve the carnival experience.

Vice President of Marketing at TSTT, Camille Campbell, says the app is a perfect example of bmobile’s mission to deliver world class technology that supports the dynamic needs of customers. “When we think of Carnival, it is like organised chaos. With this app, powered by the connectivity of bmobile 4G LTE, we aim to make it more manageable for onlookers and masqueraders, to find the band, connect with people and catch the sights and sounds they most care about.”