NEWS GRAPHIC 4Drivers and commuters who were making their way along the Western Main road last evening found themselves in a traffic gridlock because of protesting residents.

On Sunday morning the body of Brian Smith was fished out from sea and residents claim that he was murdered.

According to reports, shortly after 7:15pm, officers attached to the Carenage Police Station responded to protest action being taken by residents in the Carenage area.

The officers managed to douse burning tyres and other rubble used in the protest.

However Public Relations Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Al Alexander stated that an investigation was launched into the incident.


He said based on reports, Smith was inebriated on the day in question when he approached a job site that soldiers were working on.


Public Relations Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Al Alexander.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Kirk Jean-Baptiste in an interview with the Power Breakfast show this morning gave a brief
report based on how the body was discovered and the response given by a team of soldiers and Coast Guard
officials who retrieved the body.

Lieutenant Commander Kirk Jean-Baptiste responded to questions by hosts Wendell Stephens of the Power Breakfast


Lieutenant Commander Kirk Jean-Baptiste PRO for the T&T Coast Guard.