After parliament agreed the necessary legislative changes as a means to help curb criminal activity, a 3-week window to replace existing $100 dollar bills with new, harder-to-counterfeit, polymer notes, was set for December 10th to 31st.
Most support the intention, but some expressed concerns that the time is insufficient for the retail and banking sectors to comfortably adjust, and about a possible artificial increase in inflation- like the co-ordinator of the Confederation of Regional Business Chambers, Jai Leladarsingh.
David Stone, one of the directors of the National Secondary Schools  Entrepreneurship Competition, reflects on its just-concluded 3rd season (of simulation training and challenges), with students of Bishop’s Anstey High, Jennika Lynch, and Shamaryah Saunders, members of the 2019 winning team.
Then, Business Development Manager of the Cocoa Development Board, Gabriella Gonzales, speaks about developments in the local industry, and efforts to revive its fortunes, after Trinidad+Tobago took 2 of the top 20 International Cocoa Awards in late October.
One of the awardees, the husband-and-wife team of Martin and Jacqueline Matthews, and Keith Neilsen, of  AgUnity (which helps farmers around the world to increase value added), join the conversation via telephone from Tamana