Police arrested five people and seized packages of marijuana, said to be about a thousand pounds, during a drug bust in Valsayn on Sunday morning.

According to a statement from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, the raid took place around 2:00 am at a house on Mayfield Road, Valsayn North.

Acting on information received, officers of the Special Operations Response Team, the  Northern Division Task Force, Crime Scene Unit, Canine Unit and Gang Enforcement Team executed a search warrant at the house.

Officers searched a Nissan E25 panel van where they found the packages containing what appeared to be marijuana, in black garbage bags.

They arrested five men and said four female Venezuelan nationals were also assisting with investigations.


Meanwhile Defence Attorney Fareed Ali confirmed that following the drug bust on Sunday none of the suspects were afforded access to attorneys.

Ali lamented the fact that in making efforts to locate his client, his family was not given any information as to where he was being detained.

Speaking with News Power Now  Ali said that this is unacceptable.

He said after checking several police stations throughout the East-West corridor it was revealed that the men were still detained at the crime scene and investigators were not allowing those in custody to see their lawyers until the process was complete.

Ali stated that this stance by the police was a clear breach of their constitutional rights and privileges.

He claimed it represented a violation of their fundamental right under Section 4 of the constitution to life liberty and security of persons as well as equal treatment before the law. Ali underlined that a man under Section 5 of the constitution has a right to an attorney, a fair trial and prompt justice.