protest venezuela

Venezuelan nationals protest outside the Prime Minister’s residence in St Ann’s in February 2015

Various groups including the Joint Trade Union Movement and members of the Muslim community will converge to lobby for various issues affecting them, when leaders and government officials of both Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago meet later this morning at the Diplomatic Centre in St. Anns.

The Muslim Community will lobby for the release of five Trinidad and Tobago Nationals who have been detained Venezuela on terrorism related charges since 2014.

Meanwhile, activist, Yesenia Gonzales along with Venezuelan Opposition, Accion Democratica member Antonio Parrios will seek talks with Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro regarding Venezuela’s current economic situation. They will seek a date by October, for a referendum.

Yeseina Gonzalez in an interview said T&T nationals are welcomed to join in solidarity with them as the twin Island Republic cannot afford to offer food and other items to Venezuela as this present time.

Venezuelan national, Yeseina Gonzalez

Meanwhile in light of such protest action, Minister of National Security, Retired Major General Edmund Dillon is assuring citizens that President Maduro will be afford the necessary security, throughout his visit to Trinidad.

Minister of National Security, Retired Major General Edmund Dillon

The meeting of heads of both countries, will focus on trade, energy and foreign affairs