Nishal Sankat in Miami after arrest

Nishal Sankat returned to his home in Trinidad last night.

According to reports, his father Professor Clement Sankat was allowed to accompany his son back to Trinidad after the 22-year-old was deported from the United States.

Nishal arrived at Piarco International airport just before 10pm on BW 481, which originated at Hollywood International Airport, in Ft. Lauderdale.

He was deported back to Trinidad as part of a plea deal, which saw US authorities drop the charge of grand theft of an airplane.

Reports indicate that other family members were also on board the flight.

US officials handed Nishal over to local law enforcement dressed in plain clothes on arrival into this country.

Nishal was arrested on September 20th after jumping the fence at the Orlando Melbourne Airport, and boarding an American Airlines flight that was down for maintenance.