The carnival season is fast approaching and with it comes the Bacchanal! Soca artist and mother of one, Destra Garcia is today at the centre of some chit chat over her sexy photos- some of which, are being weighed in on for their racy vibe.

Urban radio personalities Whitney Husbands, Hans and Linx of sister frequency, Boomchampionstt touched on the issue this morning, raising the question of whether female artistes, as they mature, should dress less scantily, leaving more to the imagination and offering fans a more demure appeal than what they may have presented in their younger days.

Hans highlighted the view of some, that Garcia, with her reputation as a powerful female entertainer on the carnival circuit, need not bare her body to be attractive to mass audiences. “Does she have to show her butt to be relevant?”, he questioned- this as some callers defended the artiste’s attire, saying she had to dress provocatively to remain relevant.

Whitney Husbands, a popular face and voice on the entertainment scene, noted that Destra had always pushed the envelope when it came to fashion and she expected nothing less of her, even as she matured in the industry.

The question now remains, do female Soca artistes need to tone down their sexuality as they age, baring less and allowing their music to promote them or does heightened sexuality equate to relevancy in this biz! You tell us! Drop a comment in our comments section!

Meanwhile, check out one of Destra’s latest soca releases, as she prepares for Carnival 2020.