news 1Sheik Hassan Mohammed has returned to the country safely after he spent time in the custody of the Venezuelan authorities.

However, the memory of what he endured and those he left behind remained with him.

Mohammed stated that he went to the Venezuela to secure a visa to go to ‘Dessa Hajj’ or ‘Omra’ in Saudi Arabia.

He explained that Saudi Arabia does not have an embassy in Trinidad so anyone who wants to go to Saudi Arabia had to go to Caracas to secure a visa.

He revealed that after he arrived in the country and secured his documents, he and those with him were taken by the Venezuelan authorities.

Clip – Sheik Hassan Mohammed on arrest

He further stated that they only became aware of the gravity of the situation a few days after being held.

Mohammed claimed that even though they were not treated harshly, it was still difficult to deal with the loss of freedom.

Clip – Mohammed on treatment (2)

On the five Muslims who have remained in the custody of the Venezuelan authorities, Mohammed stated that things were in place to bring a resolution to their situation soon.

Clip – Muslims still detained