Less than 48 hours after posting Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s personal contact information on social media, former Government Minister Devant Maharaj did the same thing to National Security Minister Stuart Young.

Following his decision to post the Dr Rowley’s number, the Office of Prime Minister issued a statement.

In it, Dr Rowley expressed regret at having to discontinue his telephone number because Maharaj publicised it on social media.

The PM also accused Maharaj of encouraging and inciting people to harass and threaten him.

That was followed up by comments from Minister Young who said, “It is plainly wrong and even dangerous to circulate, publicly, the private information of any citizen, and that includes, public officers.”

Young added that Maharaj’s circulation of calls for protest action warranted a criminal investigation and “may qualify as the serious crime of sedition.”

In response via a WhatsApp broadcast message and on Twitter, Maharaj said, “Prime Minister Rowley has opted to disconnect from the sufferings of the average citizen caused directly by the mismanagement of the economy by the termination of his cellular telephone.”

He claimed that Young had accused him of sedition for calling for a lawful protest and sharing the PM’s cell number.

Maharaj then urged citizens to call Minister Young and “speak out about the undemocratic pattern of behaviour by the Rowley Administration.”

He then released Young’s phone number.

Speaking with News Power Now via telephone, Maharaj responded to the statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister, saying there are a host of issues the present administration has not dealt with and he is willing to assist those in need of answers.

When asked about aspects of the release by the OPM condemning his action, he had this to say.

Maharaj says he would do it again.

According to the former Minister, the present administration is disconnected from the needs of the population.

Mr Maharaj says he will always be there to listen to the concerns of those who reach out to him.

He is adamant that the PNM will have a huge price to pay politically when the next General Election rolls around.