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Deyalsingh Says There’s No room For Complacency

Deyalsingh Says There’s No room For Complacency

There is no room for complacency. That’s the response of People’s National Movement St. Joseph bi-election candidate, Terrence Deyalsingh relative to the findings of a recent survey, which puts the party in the lead ahead of  next week Monday’s poll.

Speaking in a New Power Now interview on Monday, Mr Deyalsingh said in spite of encouraging results from surveys done on the election, the PNM is doing what is required- meeting residents of the area, understanding their concerns and views and looking at ways to empower people.

Mr. Deyalsingh said he does not feel pressured and will not engage in making empty promises. He said the party has also taken a decision to steer clear of character bashing during the election campaign.