The situation with the sea bridge continues to be in peril as Chairperson of the Inter-Island Committee Dianne Hadad is today describing a meeting with Representatives from the Government, NIDCO and Tobago stakeholders as largely unfruitful.

She says it became apparent early in the meeting that information shared by reps of NIDCO was not what the stakeholders wanted to hear or what they were prepared to accept.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning she revealed that they were informed that the contract for the Cabo Star was going to receive an extension.

She said that the Government committed to renting a qualified boat that was submitted by the stakeholders, so that the two vessels would operate between the islands until the contract for the Cabo Star ends.

However she claimed this was not an adequate answer to their problem.

She said that it was obvious that the representatives were clueless as to the situation in Tobago, Economically and Socially.

Ms. Hadad articulated that the Prime Minister’s Representative in the meeting was also present in the last meeting with Dr. Rowley when it was promised that the stakeholders would not have to deal with the Cabo Star much longer.