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Diego Martin Regional Corporation says about 85% of communities given aide thus far…


Diego Martin Regional Corporation Chairman, Anthony Sammy

Following a brief protest by some residents from the Diego Martin area on Saturday, about not receiving aid quickly enough, the Diego Martin Regional Corporation has puts at 85 percent, the number of communities having received relief from the relevant agencies and ministries after flooding last week.

On Saturday residents of Mason Road, Diego Martin, complained of a lack of aid.

However, Diego Martin Regional Corporation Chairman, Anthony Sammy, in a News Power Now interview, said while field assessment personnel were still out in the communities’, persons who have not yet received help in some way or the other, can call or go into the corporation .

Mr. Sammy also confirmed the area’s community center has been closed and is no longer being used as a shelter for displaced families.

On Sunday, parts of Patna Village, Bagatelle and Mason Street, Diego Martin were still the scene of an extensive clean-up exercise.