Digicel is stating that it had signaled its decision to reduce the company’s global headcount, by around 25% over an 18 month period, since February of last year.

In a statement released this morning, Digicel reminded persons that a key element of its 2030 global transformation programme was a complete re-design of its organisational structure to provide customers with a more complete experience.

It added that in an attempt to maintain transparency with its staff members, was provided with an update on the organization’s plans and priorities for the next year ahead including the re-engineering of its organisational structure.

Digicel maintains that its absolute intent is to ensure that staff are treated sensitively and with respect and dignity throughout the process.

The Company’s statement was issued after employees expressed their shock and bewilderment having learned of the planned cuts scheduled to begin next week.

Sources say staffs were told that the decision was made as a result of the continued downturn in the economy.