Private Medical practitioner, 62-year-old Dr Ronald Bud­hooram lived to fight another day after escaping the clutches of bandits at his Cocoyea office on Friday.

Dr. Budhooram who is presently on bail after being charged two years ago for the unlawful killing and storage of a baby in a freezer at his office, was met by surprise when the assailants, one of whom had been seated in his office, attempted to constrain him.

Reports state that one of the assailants had pretended to be a patient and was sitting in the waiting area of the office. When the doctor opened the door for him to exit, a second perpetrator attempted to grab the doctor and the scuffle ensued. The doctor ran off, bareback, having lost his shirt in the struggle. The perpetrators then robbed the office of cash before escaping.

Police are investigating the matter.