Rose Gordon of Chalotteville

Rose Gordon of Chalotteville

The death of 35year old Tobago mother, Rose Gordon of Chalotteville who died on New Year’s Day after
delivering her baby girl via C-section at the Scarborough General Hospital, sparked a nationwide outcry,
which led to the suspension of the Tobago Regional Health Authority Board.

In a media release issued yesterday, the TRHA said the board of directors of the Tobago Regional Health
Authority has suspended the services of the physicians involved in the death of Rose.

Following the examination of all relevant reports and circumstances surrounding Gordon’s death the board
has also launched an investigation.

Rose Gordon’s autopsy was conducted on Monday by pathologist Professor. Hubert Daisley.

The report stated that Gordon died as a result of collapsed lungs, pre-eclampsia and hypovelemic shock.

Her lungs and uterus were sent for additional testing and results are expected today.