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Dog Control Act effective today

pitbullEven though the law governing ownership of dangerous dogs comes into effect today there are several issues that remain unclear.

These include insurance coverage for people who do not own homes, the type of microchip to be used and the process to retrieve a dog, once given up.

The T&T Veterinary Association (TTVA) has now urged Government to postpone the Dog Control Act 2014 until such issues have been properly resolved.

President-elect of the association, Dr Karla Georges, said the body had already met with the local government ministry and recommendations had been put forward, but these were yet to be implemented.

One of the most important issues is the microchipping of the dogs.

According to Georges it is still uncertain who will be doing it and whether any decision was made on what type of microchip would be used.

Others matters which need to be ventilated are the registration and training of the dogs.
The legislation separates dogs into two classes-A and B. Class A is considered as the more dangerous types of dogs-the Pitbull Terrier, Fila Brasileiro and the Japanese Tosa and any dog which is bred from any of these breeds. Class B dogs are all other types of dogs.