NEWS GRAPHIC 3The Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) yesterday slammed what it called the ‘lame’ responses to crime.

The Organisation suggested that the $3.5 million reward for information on Dana Seetahal’s murder be instead offered to the police who solve the crime.

DOMA stated that Dana Seetahal’s murder on May 4, which was a direct and deadly blow to justice and law enforcement, and the outpouring of concern for the future of this country after Seetahal’s ‘hit’ was encouraging.

It described as extremely depressing, the repetitive responses from the various agencies and authorities whose job it is to protect our nation.

DOMA stated that no new single strategy has been put forward and every time the country faces the horrors of criminality, all the old ideas of more guns, more vehicles, more cameras and bigger cash rewards for information are regurgitated.

DOMA stated that a basic study of the country’s state of collapse will reveal the flawed management model that was instituted at independence.

It stated that it was a management model that measured no performance, offered no incentives and demanded no accountability.