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Domestic Dispute Blamed As A House in Debe Is Gutted By Fire

Domestic Dispute Blamed As A House in Debe Is Gutted By Fire

Another family has been rendered homeless after their house at Chester Street in Debe was gutted by fire at around 1 o’clock this morning.

A 49 year old man who was recently released from prison after serving a nine month term, has been accused of setting the blaze.

Incidents of domestic violence allegedly having been perpetrated by the man, since his release from jail, have been reported to police and it is alleged  that it was during an argument this morning that the man threw a lit kerosene lamp at a female who also occupied the home.

According to reports, the lamp fell to the ground and broke, setting a mattress ablaze. Police say in an effort to save the home, the man attempted to throw the mattress through a window but instead, he received burns about the body.

The woman and her five year old child also received minor injuries when they attempted to escape the blaze by climbing through an open window.

The man is said to be warded at the San Fernando General Hospital where he is being treated for burns.

Police are continuing investigations.