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Dookeran to run for Chairman in COP elections

Winston Dookeran.jpcgMember of Parliament for Tunapuna Winston Dookeran has stated that he has decided to offer himself as a candidate for Chairman of the Party in the National Executive elections due later this year.

He revealed that he has heard the growing calls from the membership, for the COP to return to its original promise when it was formed.

Dookeran also claimed that there have been appeals by some of the membership for his return as political leader to lead the rebuilding of the party.

He has revealed that after much thought he felt that recycling leaders are not the answer.

He further stated that he was of the view that rebuilding of the identity of the COP must come from those younger members who both understand and are committed to the principles and values of the COP.

He said that the COP should look for persons such as Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan who has an impressive track record as an exemplar of the COP.

The membership of the COP and the wider national community he stated continued to express the desire for greater values-based leadership in our nation’s governance.

He insisted that with a return of the COP to its tenets of principled leadership and accountability, he could offer a credible option in the political landscape of Trinidad and Tobago.