NEWS GRAPHIC 7Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard, has ordered a criminal investigation into “prison litigation matters” and “the prospect of criminal wrongdoing”.

The D.P.P stated that he had received from the Registrar of the Supreme Court the decision of Master Patricia Sobion-Awai in the matter of Jamal Sambury vs the Attorney General and the transcript of the hearing of the Procedural Appeal.

He divulged that there was enough material to support an investigation.

The decision by the D.P.P is the latest development in the issue arising out of the letter sent by former solicitor general Eleanor Donaldson-Honeywell to the Prime Minister, requesting an investigation into circumstances that may amount inter alia to breaches of professional ethics by certain attorneys involved in prison litigation.

It has also came following Sobion-Awai’s call for an investigation to be launched into the circumstances surrounding how inmate Jamal Sambury was able to copy large portions of the witness statements of Jamal Fortune.

Both the Attorney General and the attorney at the centre of the issue, Gerald Ramdeen, said they welcomed this probe.

Gerald Ramdeen who represented Jamal Sambury has maintained his innocence in the matter.