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DPP’s Instruction Awaited In Southern Buggery Case

DPP’s Instruction Awaited In Southern Buggery Case

Director of Public Prosecutions, Roger Gaspard,

Director of Public Prosecutions, Roger Gaspard,

Police are now awaiting further instruction from the Director of Public Prosecution in connection with reports of an alleged buggery complaint involving a 50 year old Cocoyea man and students of a denominational school in San Fernando.

News broke this morning of the allegation that has reportedly forced at least three boys at the unnamed educational institution to be screened for HIV, since investigations into the incidents of rape, began. The suspect in question, a martial arts instructor, has been detained by police- this after one of the boys confided in a friend who reported the incident to the school’s principal.

It is alleged that the boys were fooled into believing that they were partaking in rituals that would encourage their spiritual growth. The incidents are alleged to have begun in May, however it was only last month that police became aware of the alleged acts.

It is reported that several years ago, the said instructor was arrested while teaching karate at a gym in Freeport for the same offence. Back then, he trained students from another secondary school in San Fernando, where it was alleged he would massage them until their muscles were weak and then rape them. The matter was dismissed when it reached the magistrates court because the victims did not attend the hearings.