Lincoln Douglas 2 Minister within the Ministry of Social Development Dr. Lincoln Douglas is calling for an in depth investigation into the recent suicide of a patient at St. Ann’s Hospital.

On May 2nd the male patient, identified as Marvin Guy was reportedly found hanging in a room of the hospital.

Guy was said to be one of the more stable patients….

Meantime, the authorities responsible for the running of St Ann’s have come under serious fire for reported overcrowding….

Workers have complained of deplorable conditions, in addition to lack of bed capacity for patients, reaching crisis level.

They say the institution is being treated as the bastard child of the health sector…..

Well….this very position has been acknowledged and even agreed with, by the Social Development Minister…

Meantime the minister reveals stricter laws are coming to deal with pedophiles and child abusers…

Minister Douglas spoke at the opening of the “Break the Silence Project” being hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Coalition Against Domestic Violence, in collaboration with Child Line and other international organisations.

The event is a three day seminar taking place at the University of the West Indies.

Minister Douglas said the issue has been placed on the back burner for far too long…