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Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh denies he owns six houses…

Glenn Ramadharsingh Caroni copyMinister of the People and Social Development, Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh, has denied that he owns six houses.

Responding last night to claims made by interim political leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP), Jack Warner, that a Government minister who could not even buy doubles before the 2010 general elections now owned six houses, Dr. Ramadharsingh, who is a veterinarian by profession, challenged Mr. Warner to bring the evidence to support his “scurrilous attack” on him, which he described as spurious allegations.

Dr. Ramadharsingh says he owns one home at Cacique Drive, Paria Gardens in Aripero, but said that at this point only one room in the house is “completed”.

“I enjoyed an income before giving up my profession and business interests. I enjoyed a practice of five veterinary clinics throughout Trinidad and Tobago and had two veterinarians working with me. I practiced from 2004. I have been employed all my life in different jobs. I used to be a distributor for Flavorite Foods from 1994, since I was 24 years old for the zone from St Joseph to Arima” Ramadharsingh said.

“I was also involved in insurance sales to support myself when I attended university,” he said, adding that the only property he bought was at Cacique Drive in Aripero.

“I bought this piece of land in 2005 and I started to build, but the house is totally incomplete. I have completed one room and that’s the only one that’s comfortable, while the other two are empty,” Ramadharsingh said.

Dr. Ramadharsingh said he has disclosed all this to the Integrity Commission.

“I do not own any other property,” he said, adding he would like anybody to produce any evidence to back this scurrilous attack.

The minister referred to Mr. Warner’s claims as “desperate”

He says now that all this propaganda in the public domain, he is forced to clear his name.

In the meantime, Dr. Ramadharsingh has admitted that his brother, Randy, is employed at the Ministry of Energy.

He also confirmed that the mother of the Minister of Energy Kevin Ramnarine works with his Ministry but said he had nothing to do with the “recruitment process” as alleged by Mr. Warner.