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Dr. Keith Rowley prepared to assist in emailgate investigation…


Keith-Rowley 102logoOpposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley has written to the Integrity Commission saying that he is prepared to reveal any relevant documentation that may be of assistance in its investigation of emailgate.

Dr. Rowley’s letter dated July 17 stated his commitment to “specifically grant permission to the Integrity Commission to access and investigate all his e-mail accounts whatsoever and where so ever situated”.

The letter also stated that he had written a previous letter, June 6, 2013, in which he had made a similar offer, but was told the President had not yet appointed an Integrity Commission, so no decision had been taken to launch an investigation into the Section 34 e-mails.

Dr. Rowley said he wanted to take the opportunity to repeat the Opposition’s view that this investigation must be conducted by the constitutionally established independent Integrity Commission in a thorough manner, “but with all due alacrity”.

Dr. Rowley had revealed what alleged to be e-mail exchanges among high office holders which pointed to a criminal conspiracy to discredit and harm a journalist, to bug the Director of Public Prosecutions office and to accept payment in relation to the Section 34 affair.

The alleged e-mails were read when Dr. Rowley piloted the no-confidence motion in the Prime Minister and the Government.