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Dr. Sheila Rampersad speaks out on Guardian resignation…

Guardian reportersDr. Sheila Rampersad, who on Wednesday left the Guardian Newspaper, along with Investigative reporters Anika Gumbs and Denyse Renne, has confirmed that the three in fact resigned from the company, as a result of political interference.

In an interview Thursday morning, Dr. Rampersad, who was recently hired as the Public Affairs editor at the Guardian said board members were attempting to implement unrealistic and irrational expectations on journalist.

She says she does not intend to get into a war of words with anyone specifically, the Newspapers managing director Gabriel Faria, however, noted reports in both the Guardian newspaper and on CNC3 television did not accurately record what transpired yesterday.

Dr. Rampersad however, explained that Mr. Faria had on the weekend handed in his resignation after refusing to sign off on the suspension or dismissal of editor-in-chief, Judy Raymond.

According to reports, Raymond was stripped of her authority, she would retain the position of editor-in-chief but performing none of the functions of the job.

Ms. Raymond refused to comment but sources close to her said she would make a decision about her future at the company by the end of the week.

Meantime, reports suggest that Mr. Faria withdrew his resignation, and or may be staying on to facilitate a smooth transition.

Dr. Rampersad pointed out there have been a number of very important stories which have come under Raymond’s watch, such as the Section 34 fiasco which was written by Renne, the Flying Squad and firetruck stories which were written by Gumbs the botched Sea Lots probe written by Rampersad.

Renne was the journalist referred to in the email-gate affair as the reporter who high office-holders attempted to discredit and injure.