International Waterfront ComplexMember of Parliament for Barataria/San Juan, Dr. the Hon. Fuad Khan, is calling for a fitting homage to former Prime Minister Mr. Patrick Manning.

Dr. the Hon. Fuad Khan

Dr. the Hon. Fuad Khan

In a release sent out on Saturday, Khan revealed that Mr. Manning was once denied healthcare as a result of him not being allowed a loan from the banks to cover the costs, which was the reason he was forced to travel to Cuba and have the procedure done for free.

He went on to say that it is unknown whether this is partially to blame for the deteriorating health issues that plagued Mr Manning’s later years, but like Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ before him, Mr Manning was unfortunately betrayed by those whom he trusted and served.

Khan noted though, that Patrick Manning would not allow external forces to dictate his actions, so he continued to build the nation as he saw fit.

For this, Khan said, Mr Manning will be remembered as a statesman and a leader who never compromised in the face of threats or hardships, and we can all learn from his example.

Noting that the International Waterfront Complex was established as a result of Mr Manning’s vision that each arm of government was outfitted with their own permanent facilities rather than being burdened by the lease agreements they endured prior, Khan said it would therefore be a fitting homage, to rename the International Waterfront Complex in Mr Manning’s honor.

Khan ended by stating that the Patrick Manning Waterfront Complex would stand as a monument and a beacon to the next generation, to remind them of the great man and his selfless contribution to our country, and it would also serve to reinforce his legacy to the nation and inspire future leaders to follow in his distinguished footsteps.