gun crimeA 19 year old man of Nice Street, La Romain was shot and killed in a drive by attack on Saturday afternoon. Dead is Mickel Thomas. He was ambushed and shot dead while riding along Charles Street at around 4pm.

Police reports state that a white Nissan AD wagon pulled up in front of Thomas and three men jumped out of the vehicle before opening fire on him. The subsequently drove off. The attackers are said to have used automatic arms in the attack.

Thomas was taken to hospital by concerned neighbours however he died while undergoing emergency treatment.

Up to news time, police were yet to hold anyone accountable for the murder. The victim’s elder brother has since said there were witnesses to the attack however no one has come forward with information.


San Fernando police are also trying to determine whether the shooting of Stephon Gonzales on Saturday night was linked to Thomas’ murder.

Reports are that at around 11.30 pm  on Saturday, 39 year old Gonzales of George Street, La Romain was liming with friends along Charles Street  when a Nissan AD Wagon slowed down from a distance and its occupants opened fire.

He was later found lying on the ground bleeding from several gunshot wounds. He was taken to hospital where he remained warded in a stable condition up to yesterday afternoon.

A team of officers led by Sgt Dale Ramroop responded and found several .40 calibre shell at the scene.