driverFor the first time today ten hearing impaired citizens were given the opportunity to sit driving regulations exams at the Licensing Division, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain.

The new initiative entitled Deaf Assistance Regulation Exam with the Ministry of Works and Transport was created in collaboration with the Trinidad and Tobago Association for the Hearing Impaired, the Deaf Empowerment and Advancement Foundation and the Caribbean Sign Language Center for Leadership.

In a release today, the Ministry of Works and Transport stated that the Exam was fashioned to alleviate the difficulties experienced by the hearing impaired in passing the regulation exam previously.

The aim was to facilitate them in a more practical way.

In preparation for this occasion student participated in intense training sessions conducted by teachers from the CSLCL which comprised of visuals and drama that recreated several scenarios of occurrences on the nations roadways  that will aid in answer legitimate exam questions.

The Ministry also stated that students sitting DARE today will be given the same exam as their hearing counterparts, the only difference would be the implementation of sign language.

Motor Vehicle Officers are also expected to undergo sign language training in order to effectively interact hearing impaired persons.